Bio & Artist Statement


Lucia Marmol is a self-taught and intuitive abstract artist residing and working in Miami, Florida. Her profound yearning to express herself through art and similar creative avenues from a young age propelled her towards a career in Architecture at the University of Miami, where she obtained her Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2007. Lucia perceives art as a potent tool for emotional healing, capable of fostering a connection with one's divine nature and inner child.

As an emerging artist, Lucia has been actively pursuing her professional artistic endeavors since 2020. Her primary means of reaching her audience has been through online platforms and her personal network of friends and acquaintances. In 2022, Lucia made her gallery debut by participating in the "Where Does it Hurt?" exhibition at the Gallery of Light in Pinecrest, Florida. This milestone marked an important moment in her artistic journey, showcasing her work to a broader audience and further establishing her presence in the art community. She has recently presented her work at the 2023 'photoMIAMI™ & Pop-Up Fair' hosted by Miami Art Week and is a featured artist in the Miami Art Week online gallery 


Artist Statement

Art has been, and continues to be, a powerful conduit of emotional healing in my life. Because of this, my artistic mission goes beyond creating visually appealing pieces; it aims to create ethereal abstract paintings that foster healing and meditative experiences within a space. Through fluid mediums and an intuitive, meditative creative approach, I use bright colors, metallic details, and organic lines to craft paintings that encourage viewers to engage in introspection, relaxation, and emotional well-being.

(Media kit available upon request).