Distant Memories

colorful abstract wall art for sale_Lucia Marmol Art

 Pastels are the color of my childhood. When I think of pastels, I'm immediately transported back to a time where I would spend hours watching Carebears and scribbling in my coloring book. These colors hold a special place in my heart, and I find myself instinctively drawn to them time and time again. There's something about the softness and gentleness of these hues that feels comforting and safe to me.

For me, abstract art and healing art go hand in hand. The process of creating something beautiful and meaningful without the confines of representation is freeing. It allows me to let go of any expectations or judgments I may have of myself and just be in the moment. And when I'm in that flow state, I'm not thinking about anything else. It's in those moments that I feel whole and complete.

"Art has the power to heal the inner child, to soothe the wounded soul, and to inspire the heart to dream." - Lisa Michaels

colorful abstract wall art for sale_Lucia Marmol Art

Whether you're an artist or not, I encourage you to find ways to reconnect with the parts of yourself that you've neglected. It could be through art, meditation, or simply taking a walk in nature. Whatever it is, give yourself permission to explore and express yourself freely. Because when you do, you'll discover a sense of healing and wholeness that is truly transformative.

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